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We are starting production of consumers products such as pillows, blankets and totebags. Check out our campaign via the link above. Below: A small selection of our previous textile designs. We are constantly exploring new techniques and material combinations striving to design fabrics that are inspiring and luxurious. We develop custom textiles for the interior fabrics and fashion industry and work with both independent designers and major fashion houses.

Rand ● Gylden

High-end woven textile and surface design development

Textile design company Rand ● Gylden was founded in 2014 by Scandinavian design duo Signe Rand Ebbesen and Simon Gylden. After studying Textile Design at Royal College of Art, London and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen we decided to establish our own woven textile design and development company in the picturesque Rhodope Mountains. We specialize in developing woven fashion and interior fabrics and draw inspiration from the amazing natural surroundings and new material technologies to create innovative, fashion-forward fabrics and exclusive textile products.

The Design Team

Color, Mood, Structure and Touch - Multisensoral fabric designs are our mission.

Signe Rand Ebbesen

Weave & Texture
Woven textile designer Signe Rand Ebbesen of fabric design company Rand ● Gylden

Simon Gylden

Visual & Pattern
Textile designer Simon Gylden of fabric design developer Rand ● Gylden

Rhodope Mountains

Location & Inspiration
Woven and printed textile design company Rand ● Gylden, Rhodope Mountain headquarters location


We Are Ready For Your Design Project

We welcome inquiries and are always excited to start new projects and collaborations. We love to work from briefs and to create signature textile collections from our own point of view. We work with production costs in mind and aim to produce the highest quality textiles in the most efficient way.

Rand ● Gylden - Old School 97 - 6827 Sedefche, Bulgaria
+45 5216 6624 (DK) / +359 876 120 182 (BG)
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